Thursday, 18 September 2014

Get Professional Bachelor Degree In Hotel Management

LBIIHM, the leading Hotel Management Institute in Delhi, deliver a range of professional Bachelor Degree in Hotel Management courses - M.Sc in Hotel Management & Tourism (Equivalent to MBA-Hospitality) and B.Sc. in Hotel Administration and Hospitality, with a vast understanding and knowledge of the operational aspects of the hotel, in a very pleasant and enabling environment and endeavor to develop effective professionals with an exceptional career potential.

The Bachelor Degree in Hotel Management is designed with industry in mind with efficient delivery of the intended knowledge and learning to the student to make them hospitality leaders with excellent potential skills. The school will provide educational excellence for all students with a passion for managerial employment, with an approach to transform the students into industry-ready leaders by encouraging them to explore the industry needs and requirements and push them out of their comfort zone.

The Institute is providing world class professional hospitality and advance level of teaching and practical training education with excellent facilities in a learning and industry-based ambience for the students, to foster opportunities for learning. Provide quality professional education, promote entrepreneurial development activities, intellectually challenging activities and training in the field of hospitality sector that they will face in a globally competitive industry.

The institute also imparts practical knowledge through regular hotel visits, hotel-oriented seminars, workshops, presentations, competitions, educational tours and conferences to instil professionalism in the students, so that they can efficiently meet the growing demands of the hotel industry.

The career scope after the completion of Hotel Management course is very wide in LBIIHM, as it provides 100% placement assistance at both the National & International level.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

LBIIHM The Most Prominent College Of Hospitality Management in India

LBIIHM, has built its reputation for excellence in hospitality education and now have become a leader in providing hospitality education. The college is well recognized for offering excellence in Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management in Delhi, which gives global exposure and business experience to turn the students' ambition into reality, with various real-life career opportunities. The hospitality management degree contains M.Sc in Hotel Management & Tourism and B.Sc in Hotel Administration and Hospitality. The courses are designed to sharpen the business expertise of the students and build a foundation of skills for diverse career paths in hospitality industry, to help them succeed in their career.

These bachelor's degree programs typically combine classroom theory with hands-on work training through workshops, exposure to real world, seminars, exciting quiz contest and more to produce high employable professionals ready for the competitive world through the provision of managerial skills with an understanding of how to successfully manage businesses within the hospitality and tourism industries. The bachelor's degree programs include an internship for the students who want to acquire skills and knowledge in the hospitality industry and can apply their knowledge in the world of exciting opportunities.

LBIIHM, is the world class learning center, who imparts quality education and real world career skills by providing excellent training and teaching standards in the field of hospitality. The college of Hospitality Management in India provides multiple career options by giving 100% placement opportunities to graduate with a degree to equip all the operations of hotel industry and manage the business of hotels efficiently and successfully.